Bounty Hunter Companions



Bounty hunters will have several companions they gain access to as they level. Companions can be used in few different ways, you can have one fight by your side (as a healer, dps or tank) or you can have companions do missions and craft items. Some companions have bonus's depending on what role you assign them. When you are at level 50 all you can have up to 5 different companions doing missions at once and also have one companion at your side. You can only ever have one companion at your side at any one time. You can switch out companions whenever you are not in battle.

Campanion Name
Character Class
Planet Aquired Likes / Dislikes Gifts Prefered Bonus Given
  • Likes: Professionalism, Making Money, Freedom, Kindness
  • Dislikes: Loyalty to the Empire, unneeded killing especialy killing women.
  • Why did they have to make our healer light sided? (shrugs)
Technology and Courting Items if you are male.

Cybertech: +5 Eff
Slicing: +15 Eff

Ranged DPS
  • Likes: Greed and money, indulgence, thinking your way through a problem, asking pointed questions.
  • Dislikes: Fair fights and living by a code, pain, charity, rules.
Luxury Underworld Trading: +10 Eff
Biochem: +2 Crit
Melee DPS

Likes: Challenges, Honor, Mandalorians, Respect, Flirting(if you are female)
Dislikes: Selling out, Cowardice

Trophies Investigation: +10 Eff
Bioanalysis: +2 Crit
Ranged Tank
Likes: Adventure, Gadgets, Attention, Praise, Friendship Dislikes: Scary things, Extreme Violence, People that are meanies to him. Technology, Underworld Goods(you can also use republic or imperial memorabilia but they do not give as many points but no one else likes them) Armstech: +1 Crit
Armormech: +15 Eff
Melee Tank
Likes: Violence, Causing Suffering, Maheem, Bullying
Dislikes: Compromise, Taking Orders, Weakness
Underworld Goods, Weapons (only bother with gifts if you are light side) otherwise don't bother, if you are evil you will be well over 10,000 rep by the time you are 50. Treasure Hunting: +2 Crit
Scavenging: +10 Eff

Also you get a driod you can send on missions when you get your ship. This companion is a healer but not a very good one in comparison to Mako. Gifts have no effect on your driod and you will never be able to have more than 0 reputation with it.


Poperly management of your companions can make downing groups of mobs or bosses much easier or faster. Just remember to keep your companions you use in the field geared.

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